never forget the thunder thighs

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Bettie Page photographed by Irving Klaw c. 1950s

I thought this was going to be funny but it got really sad really fast
Steal my Girl is basically Harry and Louis


She’s He’s been my queen since we were sixteen

We want the same things, we dream the same dreams, alright, alright

I got it all cause she he is the one

Her His mom calls me love, her his dad calls me son, alright, alright

I know, I know, I know for sure

Everybody wanna steal my girl boy

Everybody wanna take her his heart away

Couple billion in the whole wide world

Find another one cause she he belongs to me

(None of the pics are mine. Credit to all the owners.)


Ash on We Heart It.

"This man may kill me"
<---DONT REMOVE---->
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